Community Overview

Chinatown Community Overview


The community we chose is Chicago Chinatown. Chicago Chinatown is home to 54,464 residents in Chicago. It is located on the Southside of Chicago, Chicago Cook County. Most people that live in the Chinatown community is Chinese or Asian. And most of them were immigrants from China. Chicago Chinatown’s neighborhood school is John C. Haines Elementary School. There are a few Asian supermarkets nearby that you can go to buy food. There are also a few restaurants that are good that you can go to eat with your family or friends. The place you can go vote is at the Chinatown public library. The voter turnout of Chinatown in 2015 was only 38%. Chicago Chinatown was built in 1912, after the settlers moved south near the loop and is the second Chinatown that the Chinese settlers built in the us, the first one in the us of course is the San Francisco's Chinatown.